Programme of meetings for 2021

The following meetings are provisional and dependent on the continued relaxation of covid regulations. Further details will be posted here as the situation evolves. All meetings are 3:00 - 5:00pm unless otherwise indicated

Date Activity
October 2nd Lecture: John Young on "Practical varroa control devices"
November 6th AGM

Apiary inspections

Our regular inspections for the 2021 season are now finished. More details will go up here in early 2022 for next year's inspection dates.

Course and practical skills day

We have now run a refresher course on July 25th and August 1st for those participants of the 2019-20 beginners course which had to be cut short when the lockdown was imposed.
Unfortunately the proposed "practical skills" day on Sunday August 8th has had to be postponed because of a Covid case. Anyone who wishes to be entered for the BBKA basic assessment may want to take part in this when it is re-scheduled. If you are interested either in the course or the assessment, please contact Alan English.